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The following components are covered against Mechanical Breakdown (as defined elsewhere in this document) of those items listed below. Please note that parts not listed are specifically excluded.


All components contained within the cylinder block and head including pistons, rings, crankshaft, big end bearings, manifolds, rocker assembly, timing chains, timing gears.

Turbo Unit

All components including inlet and exhaust turbine shafts, bearings, bushes, wastegate devices. Turbo cover ceases at 7 years or 80,000 miles whichever comes sooner.


All components contained within either manual or automatic transmissions including gears, bearings, clutches.


All components including clutch plate, clutch cover, thrust bearing and or release bearing. Limited to one clutch repair during the warranty duration.


All components including gears, pinions, bearings, shafts.

Drive Shafts

All components including propshaft, drive shafts, C.V. joints, couplings.


All components including servo units, cylinders, valves.


All components on steering systems including power steering units, rams, pumps, reservoirs, steering box.


All components including control arms, bushings, ball joints, pins.


All components including wheel bearings, seals, hubs, flanges, where mechanical breakdown has occurred causing sudden stoppage of their function.

Cooling System

All components including radiator (excluding external damage), matrix, water pump, head gasket, thermostat.


All components including heater assembly vents, tubes, controls.


All components including solid state control units, triggering units, distributor, coil.


All components including motors, solenoids, relays, alternator, starter motor, switches, computers.

Fuel System

All components including fuel pump, sender units, gauges, air flow meters.

Air Conditioning

All components including compressors, pumps, reservoirs.


All components including regulators, handles, locks, catches (excluding accidental damage).


All major oil seals and gaskets.


Casings are covered if they have been damaged by any of the listed parts.


Cylinder head cracks, damage caused by frost, overheating or as a result of a lack of anti-freeze, all normal maintenance items such as but not limited to plugs, points, filters, breather valves, valve cover, gaskets, plus parts that require periodic replacement such as but not limited to high tension leads, rotor arms bulbs, ancilliary belts, hoses, exhausts, tyres, fluids, batteries, in-car entertainment systems, alarms, immobilisers, normal wear items, non-manufacturer approved parts.

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